Tuition Assistance

San Jose Virtual School Application for Tuition Assistance
Complete one application per household.

Step 1: Household Members

List all Household members who are infants, children, or students up to and including Grade 12.

Step 2: Assistance Program Information

Step 3: Income

Skip this step if you checked any of the assistance programs in Step 2.
Report income for all household members. Sometimes children in household earn or receive income. Please include the TOTAL income received by all household members listed in Step 1.

All Adult Income (including yourself)

List all Household Members not listed in STEP 1 (including yourself) even if they do not receive income. For each Household Member listed, if they do receive income, report total gross income (before taxes) for each source in whole dollars (no cents) only. If they do not receive income from any source, write ‘0’. If you enter ‘0’ or leave any fields blank, you are certifying (promising) that there is no income to report.

Primary wage earner / other adult household member

Step 4: Contact Information and Digital Signature